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A bat in the bedroom
Bats In Your Bedroom ?

Waldorf Md Fort Washington

Upper Marlboro

Professional Bat Bird Wildlife Removal

Waldorf  Bat Removal

Every summer many homeowners discover that their home had been housing a maternal bat colony in their attic, walls, chimney, or even behind the shutters of their windows. One customer recently could not figure out how bats kept getting into their home. Our associate discovered bats found a way to occupy behind bird spikes left from a previous bird removal problem.

These bats somehow figured out how to get behind bird spikes and they roosted above a door and many often fell down and right into the front door. Our associate discovered and corrected the problem.

We offer emergency bat removal services, we perform a full inspection to identify why and where bats had gotten into your home and then explain ourNo bats left behind guarantee to you. We know how to remove bats, get rid of bats, handle bats in situations that may involve a rabies contact , correct your home or attic to prevent a re occurrence of another bat invasion.

Waldorf  Bird Control

We can help you with the following nuisance bird pests Pigeons, geese, swallow, sparrow, woodpecker, crow, starling, turkey vulture, gull, grackles. Knowing the specific bird is the first part of an effective bird removal problem. We use all the latest professional bird removal solutions including bird spikes, jolt tracks, repellent systems, bird slide, Bird Barrier and Bird  B Gone products.

Waldorf  Wildlife  Removal

The big three for nuisance wildlife problems  in the Fort Washington, Waldorf, Upper Marlboro are problems with nuisance raccoons, skunks, squirrels & snakes. We know how to trap, remove , get rid of most any nuisance wildlife problem that you may encounter.

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